15 Interesting & Fun Honey Facts!

15 Interesting & Fun Honey Facts!

“Nothing but money is sweeter than honey.” – Benjamin Franklin, “Poor Richard’s Almanac”

Did you know that bees are the only insect in the world believed to produce an edible food for humans? Here are some more interesting and obscure facts regarding one of our favorite pollinators, the magnanimous honey bee.

1.) A beehive can contain up to an estimated 60,000 bees.

2.) Bees are able to travel together as far as 55,000 miles.

3.) Millions of flowers are visited to gather the nectar to make one pound of honey.

4.) Color and flavor of honey can depend on the flower and region where it is collected.

5.) Honey is the only food in the world thought to contain pinocembrin, a unique flavonoid thought to enhance brain activity.

6.) It holds all the nutrients needed for living, like enzymes, mineral, vitamins and water.

7.) Each colony contains only one queen. Contenders will fight to the death for the title, or wait until younger prospects leave the hive to establish their own colony.

8.) All colonies have a distinct smell. This is said to help bees identify where they live.

9.) There are said to be 900 cells in a bee’s brain.

10.) Bees use pheromones to initiate reproduction.

11.) Nectar and honey provide energy for bees and a source of insulation during the winter.

12.) Honey bees can be selectively bred to single-out desirable genetics.

13.) The queen becomes the largest bee in the colony, laying up to 300 eggs per day.

14.) Why are bees synonymous with being busy? Because while they are not maintaining their role within the hive, honey bees then devote their time to pollinating 80-percent of the nation’s crops.

15.) Bees are believed to have been around for more than 30 million years.


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