4 Natural Remedies for Wrinkles

4 Natural Remedies for Wrinkles

It’s summer, and you want your skin to look its best. The sun hides nothing. And sometimes you can’t afford a slew of wrinkle prevention products companies advertise.

Some of these natural remedies for wrinkles can offer an inexpensive alternative to combating the dreaded sign of fine lines and aging. Reclaim the glowing health of your skin- Try a few of these simple natural remedies for wrinkles.


According to sources, ginger is a potent antioxidant known to slow down and prevent the slowing of elastin production.

By eating ginger, or using natural ginger extract in certain body care products, can help slow down the aging process.

Mixing a tablespoon of honey with pinch of ginger and eating it each morning, according to the site Top 10 Home Remedies, can help delay signs of wrinkles and aging.


Aloe Vera

Applying Aloe Vera juice directly to the skin is also said to improve skin’s elasticity and moisture content.

According to the site New Health Guide, Aloe Vera contains both vitamins C and E, which are known to be beneficial for skin and helping to promote the surfacing of healthy skin cells as dead cells continue to turnover.

A recent study  found that the use of Aloe Vera significantly improved the appearance of facial wrinkles in three women.

“Thirty healthy female subjects over the age of 45 were recruited and they received 2 different doses (low-dose: 1,200 mg/d, high-dose: 3,600 mg/d) of aloe vera gel supplementation for 90 days,” explains the study.

“After aloe gel intake, the facial wrinkles improved significantly (p<0.05) in both groups, and facial elasticity improved in the lower-dose group,” the study concludes.



Some sources claim that eating just one carrot per day can keep the appearance of wrinkles at bay.

According to Psychology Today, “vitamin A (aka beta carotene) found in carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, and other yellow, orange and deep-green fruits and vegetables, helps maintain healthy skin, promote skin healing, fights acne, build new skin tissue, and prevent wrinkling.”


Chaga Mushroom

The chaga mushroom is said to have one of the highest antioxidant contents known to man. Antioxidants are known to combat free radicals, which are things in our environment, such as the sun, that can lead to signs of aging.

According to the site Natural Health Advisory, antioxidants can be a natural way to prevent signs of aging.

“To guard the skin from UV radiation, antioxidants are required to neutralize the free radicals that it can create. Antioxidants are found abundantly in foods such as chaga mushrooms, blueberries and goji berries, the site says.

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