Animals Endangered Due to Toxins

Animals Endangered Due to Toxins

The New Zealand Sea Lion and other species have recently been added to International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

“Habitat loss was the main reason for species decline, along with over-collection of valuable plants. The IUCN also said the illegal wildlife trade and invasive species were blamed for putting many species on the list,” reports CBS news sources.

According to news reports, 22,784 species are considered to be threatened for extinction. This number has gone up an estimated 371 species since November 2014. The list assesses a total of approximately 77,340 species, according to CBS news.

Among species that saw their status upgraded from vulnerable, were the Guadalupe Fur Seal and the Liberian Lynx.

“This IUCN Red List update confirms that effective conservation can yield outstanding results,” Inger Anderson, director general of IUCN said in a recent statement. ”

“But this update is also a wakeup call, reminding us that our natural world is becoming increasingly vulnerable. The international community must urgently step up conservation efforts if we want to secure this fascinating diversity of life that sustains, inspires and amazes us every day.”


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