Are Skinny Jeans Bad for Your Health?

Are Skinny Jeans Bad for Your Health?

Reports are beginning to surface that wearing skinny jeans may be harmful to one’s  health.

One Australian woman was reportedly hospitalized after wearing skinny jeans left her with severe muscle cramping and other issues.

Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry is said to have noted in a study that the woman remained in the hospital for four days, suffering from nerve blockages, swelling and muscle damage in her legs.

“The woman spent most of the day helping her friend move, so she was squatting for long periods of time. Doctors say all of that squatting compressed the nerves in the lower leg, reducing the blood supply to the calf muscles,” says one news source.

“Her skinny jeans made the problem even worse by adding extra compression. The woman, did recover from the incident,” says the news site.

According to sources, the woman was treated with an IV at the time she arrived at the hospital.

“Some of the red flags include persistent numbness and tingling, weakness and leg swelling. It is a health alert many skinny jean lovers in Kansas City are surprised to hear,” says the news source.


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