Bee-Hive Inspired Home Makes Headlines

Bee-Hive Inspired Home Makes Headlines

Sarah Orecchia and her husband Emilio are reported to have furnished their London home with hive-inspired fixtures, according to the Telegraph.

The Beehive is Mrs. Orecchia’s family home located in Notting Hill, London. This eclectic, modern castle is equipped with everything from a hive light in the living room to yellow colored appliances including a coffee pot, according to the Telegraph. “On the internet, there are tons of beehive chandeliers,” Mrs. Orecchia told reporters.

“I thought, one could really go crazy with this,” she said. “But then I don’t want to look like ‘crazy bee lady’. People could get the wrong idea.”

According to the report, both Sarah and her husband spend a bit of their time flying. Especially when they were both younger, and traveling between the United States and London for work purposes. It was then that the Orecchia’s were introduced to the wonderful benefits of Propolis, which they say had an impact on alleviating uncomfortable symptoms related to their time spent flying.

“I was looking for something that would stop us getting sick from all the flights, and propolis [a resin collected by honeybees] kept coming up,” Sarah Orecchia told the Telegraph. “I thought I’d develop a formula.”

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