5 Best Body Butters

5 Best Body Butters

There’s nothing “like buttah” to make skin feel smooth. But have no fear- these natural, hearty moisturizers won’t make your skin shine with a greasy afterglow.

1.)    Cupuacu Butter grows in tropical regions on trees proximate to the Amazon Rainforest. This rich emollient’s consistency is known to be light, creamy and silky. It is believed that cupuacu butter’s high content of phytosterols makes it one of the most powerful moisturizers on the planet. Phytosterols are similar to cholesterol molecules, but found in plants. Cupuacu butter is said to absorb easily while delivering essential nutrients to skin cells. This potent healing agent is often used as an ingredient in hair care, skin and lip products.

2.)    Shea Butter is mostly harvested from the nut of the African Shea tree. It is another skin, hair and lip replenishing emollient that delivers moisture and nutrient-rich vitamins A and E, as well as a healthy ratio of essential fatty acids. Like cupuacu butter, shea butter is often white and creamy, and easily absorbs into skin for a clean feeling afterwards. Shea butter is most commonly known for healing cracked, dry skin and lips, while offering particular relief for areas like knees, heels and elbows.

3.)    A pleasant, tropic-like aroma, Cocoa Butter is another valued moisturizer. It is said to provide a defensive barrier when applied to skin, trapping moisture beneath so skin maintains its youthful elastic capacity. Many tout cocoa butter as a treatment for stretch marks. Others claim that cocoa butter can even boost collagen density.

4.)    When you slather on Olive Butter it sticks. Unlike many petroleum or alcohol-based lotions, which are typically made with from 70 to 90-percent water, coconut butter is a solid emollient that easily soaks into skin to maintain moisture and amplify the amount of minerals and nutrients skin receives. Many times olive products are sold in oil form. According to health officials, olive butter is created by mixing it with a shea butter base. Because olive butter is extremely heavy and rich, it is recommended for dry, not oily, skin types. This fortified formula may be too dense for sensitive pores.

5.)    Hemp Butter is recognized for containing nearly two-dozen different amino acids, including essential fat molecules the body is incapable of producing on its own. Hemp butter is extracted from the seeds of hemp plants. Hemp is also said to be filled with globular proteins, which catalyze many of our body’s hormonal and respiratory processes. According to reports, while the body is able to construct these proteins from any protein, it is simpler for the body to begin building globulins from other globular-containing material. Increased globular proteins in the body are said to aid in regulating hormones, enzymes and antibodies that resist harmful bacteria and infection.

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