5 Creative Ideas for Plant Potters

5 Creative Ideas for Plant Potters

Planting bright begonias and pretty flowers can be therapeutic. It can also give you a chance to get creative around the house at little-to-no cost! Here are some of the most creative ways we found to plant different types of flowers.

Creative Places to Plant Flowers

1.) Don’t flush your money down the toilet! Recycle those porcelain thrones. Most of us have at least one toilet at home. Even though a person may not go through a ton of toilets in their lifetime, just like anything else, they can add up in the landfill. Planting your flowers in a toilet can be a great way to recycle and turn something discreet into a work of art. You may get some weird looks from neighbors and those driving by. But don’t worry. With a little imagination, you can turn that commode into something from the Garden of Eden.

For this project, try to be as creative as possible. Not just anyone can make a regular ‘John’ look pretty.

2.) Zinc Buckets (metal buckets) are another easy way to take something from home and turn it into a planter. Many people have these around the house for various reasons. If you don’t have one at home, they are easy to find and not expensive. Check out your local thrift store to find something cheap. Otherwise, brand-spanking new metal buckets can be found at most stores carrying home goods.

Many metal buckets do not have a hole at the bottom to allow water to properly drain. This is an important factor in growing healthy plants. If the water does not drain from the roots, it can buildup and actually drown your plant. This can also help in preventing the growth of mold by not trapping excess moisture inside.

“If you are determined to use a container that does not have a hole, however (perhaCreative Flower Potsps an old zinc bucket),” writes V. Goldstuck and M. Gorlach in their book titled Basic Gardening: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Garden Grow.”You must put a few pieces of broken clay tile or pot in the bottom, so that excess water can collect underneath them. You will still need to be careful not to over-water.”

One way to avoid the accumulation of extra water is by putting your own holes in the bottom of the bucket, using an electric screw driver, or a hammer and nail, depending on how thick the metal is. Using a hammer and nail, you can punch holes in the bottom and then use the other end of the hammer to pull them out. Watch your fingers!

3.) When you’ve worn holes through your old shoes and they start talking to you, there’s good news! The next stop for your favorite pair of sneakers or clogs doesn’t have to be the Planting Flowers in an Old Shoegarbage can. Many people are reusing their old shoes to plant flowers in. The more holes, the better! This allows water to drain. The best shoes to use are ones that are made of plastic or a non-fabric material. Porous materials can absorb water and begin to mold or decay. Have any Croc’s or gardening clogs in the back of the closet? Now you have a wonderful reason to let them see the light of day again.

4.) A great way to use old bicycle tires is to build a flowering trellis. This is a very creative and simple way to have a place for vines and climbing plants. Not to mention, it can be made to look absolutely classic and beautiful.


5.) Many thPhoto By Garden Glove ings around the house can be converted and recycled into a neat plant holder. Dressers, even canoes, can be decorated to be outdoor works of art. There is no limit to what you can do.





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