Grapefruit Essential Oil & Skin Health

Grapefruit Essential Oil & Skin Health

Grapefruit essential oil is made by cold-pressing rinds of grapefruit to extract the highly-concentrated liquid.

Grapefruit was known as the ‘forbidden fruit’ in Barbados during the 17th century.

It is thought to have inherited its name from the way the fruit grows in clusters, similar to grapes, on the tree.

Grapefruit is believed to have many nutritional properties that make it beneficial for both digestive and skin health.

Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil for Skin

“Adding grapefruit to your daily diet is one way to get beautiful skin from grapefruit,” say the authors at Pittman & Davis.

“Grapefruit helps your body work efficiently so that it can flush out toxins and waste from all your cells, which will lead to better skin,” the site explains. “The vitamins and minerals in grapefruit will feed your cells and keep them healthy and strong, which will also show in your skin.”

Grapefruit Essential Oil is also a prevalent source of vitamin C, which is essential for healthy skin and promoting cell turnover. Vitamin C is necessary for producing collagen and keeping the skin’s appearance vibrant. As individuals age, damage from environmental factors can cause oxidation, or stress on the cells, which can lead to visible signs of aging.

“Vitamin C is an essential component in the body’s production of collagen, and a potent antioxidant that can help rejuvenate aged and photo-damaged skin,” says Gary Goldfaden, MD.

According to Dr. Goldfaden, choosing natural body care products with grapefruit essential oil, or other citrus ingredients containing vitamin C, can help to improve the skin’s levels of collagen more adequately than ingesting or eating grapefruit.

“While vitamin C is an important nutrient for overall health, little reaches the skin when orally ingested,” he suggests. “As levels of vitamin C in the skin decline with age, replenishing levels directly in the skin can help combat collagen degradation and oxidative stress.”

“…grapefruit applied directly to your skin can also give you beautiful skin,” concur the officials at Pittman & Davis. “The anti-oxidants in grapefruit will fight free radicals in the skin that can cause lines, wrinkles, discolorations and other blemishes that can make you look older than  you are.”

Oily Skin & Acne

Grapefruit essential oil is known to have antiseptic and cicatrisant properties. As an antiseptic, grapefruit essential oil is able to destroy many types of bacteria, and is believed to assist in reducing the amount of bacteria on the skin known to cause acne.

Rubbing the peel of a grapefruit on your face is noted to be a great way to reduce the unsightly appearance of oily skin.

“People who have oily skin usually find that their problems with oily skin clear up very quickly after they start using a grapefruit cleanser and toner,” says Pittman & Davis.

To find out how grapefruit essential oil can be used to help in other areas of personal health, visit Organic Facts.

Author’s Note: While the properties of grapefruit essential oil have many beneficial components, applying certain essential oils to the skin without diluting them properly can cause photo-sensitivity and/or symptoms of skin irritation.

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