3 Simple Home Remedies for Sinus Congestion

3 Simple Home Remedies for Sinus Congestion

Most of us suffer some form of congestion periodically. However, we all know someone who struggles with the constant sorrow of a stuffy nose, or sinuses.

Here are a few simple remedies that many claim can help cut-down on congestion, especially if done first thing in the morning.

Peppermint Steam

This method of easing congestion in the nasal passages or sinuses could not be more simple. All you need is some peppermint essential oil and a pot of boiling water. Many claim this also helps to loosen up phlegm smokers and other may commonly experience in the morning.

When the water is boiling, put in a few drops of peppermint essential oil and turn off the stove. Use a blanket or towel to trap in the steam as it rises. Inhale it as deeply as you can.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Some suggest that drinking a 1:3 ratio of apple cider vinegar to water each day can help remove congestion and phlegm.

According to Home Remedies for Life, “apple cider vinegar (ACV) contains vitamins B1, B2, A and E, calcium, potassium and magnesium of all which helps to clear sinus cavities and reduces allergy symptoms.” They also say: “ACV when taken orally has high pH levels that help to break up mucus and clear the airways to get rid of the sinus infection.”


According to Exam Health, honey was used as an ancient Chinese medicinal remedy for alleviating congestion, as it is considered an expectorant.

“Sinus problems can also include an annoying cough, especially when you have an infection triggering excessive mucus production, ” the site says. “But here comes honey to the rescue, with a recipe from traditional Chinese medicine.”

The site suggests mixing 1 Tablespoon of pure, raw Honey with 1 Cup of warm water, and drinking as often as needed.

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