Homemade Mouse Repellent Recipe

Homemade Mouse Repellent Recipe

Homemade Mouse Repellent RecipeEradicating mice from your home can be costly. Try this simple homemade mouse repellent recipe to rid your home of mice naturally. There’s nothing more daunting than the scurrying footsteps of mice traversing your walls. They can chew through the woodwork and ruin your valuable possessions.

This inexpensive mouse deterrent can be fashioned by using a few cotton balls and peppermint essential oil. While it is known that mice have acutely poor vision, their sense of smell is keen. The tiny rodents are said to deplore the scent of menthol.

Instructions: Dab on an ample amount of peppermint essential oil to plain cotton balls. The stronger the menthol smell the better. Strategically place the potent homemade mouse repellent in places the mice might be entering into your house. Then drop them in hidden areas where mice are likely to travel.

It is important to buy a quality peppermint essential oil for this homemade mouse repellent to work efficiently. After all, it is the smell that deters them. In addition, it is said that the smell of peppermint can cover up the pheromone trail mice leave behind that indicates to other mice where to follow. If you have other pets, be sure the cotton is not left where they could potentially ingest it.

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