Living Longer With Royal Jelly and Other Benefits

Living Longer With Royal Jelly and Other Benefits

Consuming the high-protein concoction deemed ‘royal jelly’ reportedly helps a queen bee outlive the rest of her colony.

According to reports from United Kingdom-based news source the Daily Mail, queen bees live seven years in comparison to workers that remain alive for only seven weeks.

Scientists claim one outstanding factor could be the nutrient-rich amounts of royal jelly the queen is fed during her lifetime.

Royal jelly is an opaque, milky white liquid excreted from the glands of worker bees in order to nurse potential queens and young honeybees.

A colony’s queen eats exclusively royal jelly for her entire life. According to reports, this helps the reigning empress grow to an estimated 40-percent larger than the rest.

“Experiments on fruit flies and honeybees found the protein, royalactin, triggers molecules that are responsible for the increased body size and faster development of queen bees,” states the Daily Mail.

The composition of royal jelly is mostly water (approximately 70 percent); however it contains an abundant amount of beneficial proteins and sugars, while less than 5-percent of royal jelly is comprised of fats.

Researchers say that outside of the apiary, royal jelly can be used to promote human health as well.

People are reported to use royal jelly directly on their scalp to stimulate hair growth, according to medical sources, although there is not enough substantial proof to validate this claim.

Royal jelly has been shown to improve the texture and quality of hair. The amino acids are said to penetrate the hair follicle and saturate strands with nourishing, nutritious biological compounds, including biotin, said to improve hair strength and promote growth.

Folic acid is another component in royal jelly thought to improve hair health.

Ample amount of antioxidant agents also make royal jelly a useful ally in the fight against aging. According to medical experts, royal jelly supports healthy collagen levels by protecting cells from ultraviolet radiation which can cause wrinkling.

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