Microbeads in Personal Care Products Banned in Canada

Microbeads in Personal Care Products Banned in Canada

Canada is now taking steps to stop the use of microbeads in personal care products, according to sources.

The most prominent concern being that microbeads have now reached our food chain.

“Most people who are using these face washes, body washes, hand soaps, cosmetics, have no idea that there is plastic in the products that they’re using,” says Sherri  Mason, who studies microbeads at the State University of New York at Fredonia.

“So [consumers] use these products, they wash their face, they go down the drain and they are not realising that they are actually releasing plastic into the environment,” she tells Public Radio International.

According to scientists, fish often mistake these microbeads as an egg or form of food. We then consume those fish.

“It’s important to realize that water connects us all to each other,” Mason tells PRI. “If it’s in the water, it affects everybody whether you live in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe or upstate New York.”

While Canada has taken more immediate measures to ban the use of microbeads, the United States, according to sources, has implemented legislature- But these bills are not said to take effect until 2018.

According to the Buffalo News, an estimated 46,000 particles per-square kilometer passed through Lake Erie last year, with an average of 80,000 calculated for Lake Ontario. These two bodies of water are said to have some of the highest concentrations of microbeads in the region.

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