Ohio Bee Losses Alarm Farmers

Ohio Bee Losses Alarm Farmers

Seasonal losses of honey bees have hit record highs across the nation.

According to sources, this has many farmers concerned over what their crops may yield.

“They (beekeepers) will find that all of a sudden, the hive is just empty,” explains Tim Cassidy, a beekeeper located in Youngstown, Ohio. “They are not sure where the bees went, and they’ve probably died off in a tree somewhere,” Cassidy recently told news sources.

“You will have a lack of production,” explains Cassidy. “Your apple trees, peach trees, your pear trees and your vegetables that bloom too, will have significantly less harvest.”

According to Cassidy, we can significantly influence the cycle of a honey bee’s life by planting food for them. It is important to promote healthy honey bees because they play an imperative role in providing food for us.

“The best way to help the bees thrive is to plant lots of flowers,” Cassidy says. “It’s their food to help make our food.”

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