30 Tea Tree Oil Uses

30 Tea Tree Oil Uses

Tea tree oil can be ‘oh so’ refreshing to use. Find out how you can implement tea tree oil into your every-day living routine.

1. Dandruff

Tea tree oil is known to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties said to be effective in eliminating the fungus (Pityrosporum ovale) that causes dandruff when applied to the scalp. It can be used in shampoos, or diluted with an oil, such as Coconut Oil to improve the health of your hair and scalp.

2. Acne

Tea tree oil is said to contain beneficial antibacterial properties that may target and destroy the source of acne-causing bacteria.

3. Bug Bites

Tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory qualities are said to provide soothing relief for bug bites.

4. Rashes

When diluted, tea tree oil is said to provide relief from the persistent itching and discomfort related to skin rashes.

5. Burns

The antiseptic and other beneficial properties of tea tree oil are said to help improve healing and promote rapid recovery for certain skin injuries, such as mild burns.

6. Eczema/Psoriasis

Using a few drops of tea tree essential oil in the bath, or in a lotion or body cream, has been reported to improve symptoms of psoriasis and eczema in certain individuals, according to sources.

7. Flees & Ticks

Flees, ticks and other insects are reported to be averse to the aroma of tea tree oil. When used on the skin or in a bath, it is said to help keep these pesky mites away.

8. Yeast Infections

When used in the appropriate way, the antifungal properties of tea tree oil have been reported to provide some relief for those suffering from a yeast infection.

9. Athlete’s Foot

Many claim that tea tree oil can be used as a natural alternative to treating athlete’s foot, due to its anti-fungal and other beneficial properties.

10. Air Freshener

The naturally fresh scent of tea tree oil can be applied to laundry, the garbage can, or used in a spray bottle to freshen the floor, carpet or upholstery.

11. Mold Cleaner

Tea tree oil is said to eradicate certain types of mold and disinfect.

12. General Purpose Cleaner

Tea tree oil can be used with apple cider vinegar, alcohol or another essential oil (such as lavender) to clean surfaces and household objects.

13. Removing Skin Tags

According to reports, tea tree oil has been shown to be effective in reducing the size or appearance of skin tags.

14. Reducing Redness

Tea tree oil is said to have anti-inflammatory and other beneficial aspects which can quell the appearance of red marks or swelling on the skin.

15. Ringworm

Tea tree oil is said to be capable of killing the source of ringworm.

16. Deodorant

The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil are said to be helpful in naturally reducing the bacteria known to be responsible for causing body odor.

17. Pet Care

Washing your pets with a diluted form of tea tree oil, such as adding a few drops to their regular shampoo, or buying a brand containing tea tree oil, has been known to be a natural way to help keep flees, ticks and other invaders at bay.

18. Ear Ache Treatment

Sources say that adding a drop or two of tea tree oil with coconut oil, or olive oil, may help reduce the pain associated with an ear ache. However, this should not be attempted by those with severe ear infections, or those at risk to having an allergic reaction with the use of tea tree oil. The risks may not outweigh the reward on this one.

19. Personal Care Products

Using tea tree oil bar soap or other personal care product containing tea tree oil may help to improve the appearance of one’s skin by adding moisture and evening skin tone.

20. Sinus Soother

Inhaling tea tree oil, or using it around the nasal passageways and/or throat, may help to clear up sinus congestion and help a person breathe easier.

21. Fights Infection

Tea tree oil has been used in Australia for centuries as a natural antiseptic and wound healing agent, according to historical sources.

22. Disinfectant

Tea tree oil can disinfect household surfaces, killing certain germs and bacteria. Tea tree oil can also help promote the healing process by preventing cuts, scrapes and other skin injuries from infection, sources say.

23. Bad Breath

Using tea tree oil in a toothpaste, or mouthwash is said to help quash the germs known to instigate bad breath, or halitosis.

24. Boils

Tea tree oil has been said to help reduce the size of some varieties of skin bumps, or boils caused by certain kinds of bacteria.

25. Mouth Ulcers

Tea tree oil has been said to help improve the reoccurrence of certain types of mouth ulcers, and other sores of the mouth.

26. Pet Shampoo

Not only does tea tree oil help pets keep flees and ticks away, but it may also improve the appearance of your pet’s fur or coat when incorporated into their shampoo.

27. Cuticle Care

Sources claim that rubbing tea tree oil diluted with another carrier oil may help improve the appearance of fingernail beds and/or cuticles.

28. Lice

Tea tree oil has been reported to be effective in helping certain individuals eradicate lice.

29. Hair Health

When used in a shampoo or hair care products, tea tree oil is said to improve the health of one’s scalp and hair.

30. Warts

University of Maryland Medical Center studies indicate that a combination of tea tree oil, garlic and olive or castor oil may be effective in killing certain kinds of warts; such as flat warts or planters warts.




Note: None of these statements have been reviewed by the FDA or any official agency. These are collective facts aggregated from separate sources in order to illustrate the benefits of Tea Tree Oil and its uses.

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    I absolutely agree with the amazing benefits of tea tree oil. Interestingly, tea tree oil soap which is essentially made from tea tree oil is great for maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin that can ward off your dry skin issues.

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