Tequila and Your Health

Tequila and Your Health

Did you know that tequila is mostly plant-derived? Did you also know that this alcoholic drink of choice could help you lower your levels of bad cholesterol and improve your skin?

“Studies have linked agavins, the sugar that comes from the agave plant, to everything from weight loss to lower cholesterol over the years and now it’s even being utilized at the spa,” writes Yahoo news.

According to sources, doctors in Mexico began incorporating tequila into a remedy for preventing the common cold. The mixture used agave, tequila and lime juice- which is very similar to a common margarita.

“Tequila has been proven to dilate the blood vessels, which results in better blood flow and can help minimize pain levels,” according to one blog.

Tequila may also help promote a restful night’s sleep by indulging in one or two shots.

Drinking should be done in moderation, however. Never drink too much! No health benefits will be received this way.

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