Tree Hives & Bee Health

Tree Hives & Bee Health

Tree Hives are said to provide a natural ecosystem for honey bees equivalent to their native habitat.

“Tree colonies are advantageous because they are treatment-free and alleviate many problems maintaining standard beekeeping equipment on the ground,” write the authors of Bee Culture in an issue released March 2015.

“Placement of colonies of the honey bee in trees returns the bees to their native home environment of tree hollows.” They write.

Advantages of Having a Tree Hive

A study was conducted by three contributing authors of Bee Culture to find the distinctions between hives placed on the ground and those in trees. They found the following benefits after observing three tree hives:

  • Tree hives are located high above the ground away from numerous potential threats and other animals.
  • Tree hives can also elevate a bee’s flight-path, making it further above pets and human risks at ground-level.
  • Bees may have a better exposure to natural organisms and other beneficial aspects in the decaying wood and other symbiotic elements available in the tree.
  • Beneficial fungus can also help protect the brood and aid in processing ‘bee bread’ which is a source of nutrition for some castes of bees.
  • No hive robbing has been observed among three tree hives being watched, according to Bee Culture.

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